Proper waste management is a crucial aspect of maintaining the beauty, health, and sustainability of any community. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, residents and businesses have access to various landfills and junk removal services to responsibly dispose of their unwanted items. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding what items are accepted at Albuquerque landfills and junk removal facilities.

The Importance of Responsible Junk Removal:

Responsible junk removal not only enhances the aesthetics of Albuquerque but also minimizes the environmental impact of improper waste disposal. Items left to accumulate in unauthorized areas can pose hazards, from soil and water contamination to promoting the spread of pests. By utilizing the resources provided by the city, you contribute to maintaining a cleaner, safer, and more vibrant community.

Accepted Items at Albuquerque Landfills:

Albuquerque operates several landfills and transfer stations that accept a wide range of items for disposal. It’s important to note that each facility may have specific guidelines and fees associated with the disposal of certain items. Here is a general list of items commonly accepted at Albuquerque landfills:

  1. Household Waste: Non-hazardous household waste such as furniture, appliances, mattresses, and general clutter can be disposed of at these facilities.
  2. Construction Debris: Construction and demolition debris like wood, concrete, drywall, and roofing materials are often accepted, although some facilities might require separation of materials.
  3. Yard Waste: Branches, leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste are generally accepted. Composting or mulching these materials is encouraged as a more environmentally friendly option.
  4. E-Waste: Many landfills have provisions for electronic waste disposal, including old computers, TVs, and small appliances. Some electronics may need to be recycled separately due to their hazardous components.
  5. Household Hazardous Waste: Some landfills have designated days for household hazardous waste collection. This includes items like paints, chemicals, cleaning agents, and batteries. It’s crucial to dispose of these items properly to prevent environmental contamination.
  6. Tires: Many landfills accept tires, which can be harmful if not disposed of correctly due to their slow decomposition and potential for breeding disease-carrying pests.

Items Requiring Special Handling:

Certain items require special handling due to their potential impact on the environment and public health. These items often need to be disposed of through designated programs or facilities. Some examples include:

  1. Appliances Containing Refrigerants: Appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners contain refrigerants that must be properly removed by certified technicians before disposal.
  2. Hazardous Waste: Items such as motor oil, fluorescent bulbs, and chemicals should be taken to authorized collection sites to prevent harm to humans and the environment.
  3. Medical Waste: Sharps containers and medical waste from households should be handled according to medical waste disposal guidelines to ensure safety.


Albuquerque, NM, takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and offers residents and businesses a range of options for junk removal and waste disposal. By adhering to the guidelines set by the city and utilizing the various resources available, you can play an active role in keeping the community clean, safe, and sustainable. Remember to check with local authorities or landfill facilities for the most up-to-date information on accepted items and disposal procedures.

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