Located within incorporated Erie, both the Denver Regional Landfill and the Front Range Landfill are permitted by the State of Colorado to operate as municipal solid waste landfills; both are owned by Waste Connections Incorporated.

  • The entrance to the Front Range Landfill is located southeast of Weld County Roads 5 and 6. 
  • The Denver Regional South Landfill is accessed off of County Road 6. Denver Regional Landfill stopped accepting waste in Dec. 2020 based on the DRL Closure Plan. For more information, visit the Closure PlanWaste Connections website, or call Waste Connections at 303-673-9431.
  • The Denver Regional Landfill North, is located northwest of County Roads 5 and 6 and is closed. 

Monthly Landfill Operations

The Public Works Department provides a monthly report to the Board of Trustees. The report includes timely information about landfill operations. Visit the Agenda Center to view the latest report. 

Erie Landfills

 Physical AddressWebsitePhone
Closed Dec 2020 – Denver Regional South1441 Weld County Road 6Waste Connections303-673-9431
Front Range Landfill1830 Weld County Road 5Waste Connections303-828-9400
CLOSED – Denver Regional Northnorthwest of WCR 5 and WCR 6  

Landfill Documents

  1. Landfills MapPDF
  2. Front Range Landfill Asbestos Waiver 2021PDF
  3. Denver Regional Landfill Closure Plan 2018PDF
  4. Ordinance 34-2005 – Approving an Amendment to the Certificate of Designation to Operate a Solid Waste Disposal Site and FacilityPDF
  5. Municipal Code – Solid Waste Management Service Charge – Chapter 12PDF
  6. Annexation AgreementPDF
  7. Amendment No. 1 To Annexation AgreementPDF
  8. Certificate of Designation Application and Engineering Design and Operation Plan PreparationPDF
  9. 1991 0722 A.02 FRL Weld Co Certificate of Designation-ocrPDF

Regulatory Agencies

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