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Access the largest network of junk haulers anywhere in the USA and move your junk removal waste with ease.

When it comes to load boards for home and business owners, Junk Removal Load Board is the undisputed industry leader. Find and onboard the perfect junk hauler for each junk load to get your waste where you need it, when you need it.

  • Access hundreds of junk haulers to find the perfect contractor.
  • Get up-to-date rate data and enter each negotiation prepared.
  • Reduce risk by qualifying junk haulers with ease.

Access hundreds of junk removal trucks and find the perfect junk hauler.

With access to more than 2500 trucks via the Junk Removal Load Board super database, you can find a great junk hauler for each of your junk removal loads.

We provide up-to-date market data on over 250 cities as well as reviews from our junk haulers to help you choose the right junk hauler and contractor every time. We’ll also automatically alert you the home or business owner whenever a junk hauler matches your search criteria, so you never miss a thing.

Get up-to-date rate data and enter each negotiation prepared.

Junk Removal Load Board offers the industry’s most reliable rate data so you can make great deals on each of your junk removal loads.

When it comes to negotiating loads for waste management, you need access to up-to-date and accurate market rate data. At Junk Removal Load Board, we analyze $1 million in annual transactions on more than 10,000 junk removal loads so you can enter each and every negotiation prepared. We also provide data on both current and historical rates so you can stay abreast of seasonal shifts and industry trends.

Reduce risk by qualifying junk haulers with ease.

Junk Removal Load Board delivers the information you need to find trustworthy junk haulers for your home waste management needs.

Success depends on trust. Junk Removal Load Board Profiles is a junk removal hauler monitoring service that lets you qualify junk haulers in minutes and avoid those who are out-of-service or have poor ratings. We also offer additional services like Junk Removal Onboard and Junk Removal load tracking so you can tap into our network of hundreds of certified junk haulers ready to start hauling your junk loads.

Any homeowner who’s serious about getting their junk removed at an affordable price and finding the perfect junk removal hauler for each of their junk removal loads needs a load board. A top junk removal load board like ours will give you access to more than 2500 trucks and let you post your loads in front of a national audience of junk haulers. Sign up for an industry-leading load board and find great junk haulers for every kind of junk with ease.

There’s no better load board than a Junk Removal Load Board. We provide a completely transparent load board that lets you view hundreds of thousands of junk haulers every day. Our load boards for homeowners were created with your specific needs in mind, arming you with the tools to vet the junk haulers reviews, pricing, and safety ratings of junk haulers before you contract them.

Absolutely! Load boards for homeowners are an essential tool that helps you match junk loads to junk haulers with greater efficiency. In addition to showing you the currently available junk haulers, a top-quality load board like Junk Removal Load Board can deliver live updates and alerts whenever junk removal contractors matching your search criteria are posted so you can get your waste onto the landfill as quickly as possible.

Junk Removal Load Board offers the most trusted junk removal pricing tools and market rate data in the industry, with predictive analytics that help take the uncertainty out of waste management. Leveraging more than $1 million worth of annual pricing data, Junk Removal Load Board equips you with the most historically complete junk removal rate data so you can anticipate seasonal trends and make smart pricing decisions to reduce your junk hauling service charge. Plus Junk Removal Load Board makes it easy to check out both current and historical trends and compare availability, contractor reviews, and junk removal rates.

"Junk Removal Load Board has helped us grow exponentially over the last year, I don't know where we would be without it.”

“It’s a great load board. You have everything you need at your fingertips. You put something in, man, you better be ready to take the calls.”

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Get access to the junk removal industry’s largest on-demand network for capacity and gain market insights that level the playing field. Junk Removal Load Board offers home owners load boards that fit any home owner, from apartments too large estates. 

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