Residential trash service is not provided by the City.

Please get in touch with a private trash hauler for weekly trash pick-up.

Eight trash haulers are licensed to operate in Independence. Some also provide recycling services. Contact each company directly for information, fees and schedules:AAA Disposal Service
(816) 650-3180
(816) 254-1470
republicservices.comCompost Connection
(816) 761-8300
compostconnection.comEnviroStar Waste Service
(816) 220-3227
wcawaste.comTed’s Trash Service
(816) 252-1594
tedstrash.comTown & Country Disposal
(816) 380-5595
wcawaste.comWaste Management (formerly Deffenbaugh)
(913) 631-3300
wm.comStewart Hauling, Inc
(816) 223-1920

The Drop-Off Depot is held on the second Saturday of each month between April and October.

  • Location: 875 Vista Avenue, 1 mile east of M-291 on Truman Road, north of Vista Avenue
  • Hours: 8 AM – 3 PM
  • Independence residents only. Bring a valid driver’s license or recent utility bill.
  • Residential only – No commercial waste allowed.
  • Cash or local check only. No credit cards, debit cards, or coins are accepted.
  • By MO State Statute, loads must be tarped or secured so that no part of the load can fall from the vehicle.

Prices at the Drop-Off Depot:

Prices are based on the type of vehicle used, not the contents of the load (except tires and appliances). The same prices apply to both trash and brush.

  • Car – $30
  • Pickup Truck, SUV, Van – $40
  • Trailer 8 feet or less – $50
  • Trailer over 8 feet – $60
  • Tires – 5 or less – No fee
  • Tires – More than 5 – Above vehicle fees apply

Vehicles pulling trailers – If both the vehicle and the trailer contain items for disposal, you will be charged for both.


Items Accepted

  • Furniture, mattresses & box springs, carpet, plumbing fixtures, sheetrock, windows, shingles, fencing, landscape timbers, bricks, paving stones, etc.
  • Brush – limbs, firewood, bushes & stumps.  No bagged leaves, grass, or yard waste.


  • $20 each – Refrigerators, freezers, stoves, dishwashers, hot water heaters, washers, dryers, etc.  Fluids do not need to be drained but appliance must be empty of contents.


  • No fee – must have all fluids drained


  • No fee – auto, boat, lawnmower, motorcycle

Items NOT Accepted

  • Televisions, computer monitors, liquids, gas tanks, sealed drums.


There are no landfills in Independence.

Household Hazardous Waste

Paint, cleaners, drain openers, pool chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze, gasoline, etc. are not accepted.  The Municipal Services Department typically holds a Household Hazardous Waste mobile collection event in the spring each year. Call 325-7727 for information.

 More information

Independence T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.

Independence TOGETHER is a community partnership between the City of Independence, the Community Services League, and MoDOT meant to focus on two priorities – assisting residents who are experiencing unstable housing and community beautification. 

Through the program, residents who are unhoused or experiencing unstable housing are eligible for employment. They will be paid for cleaning up roadside litter along main streets in Independence. Independence TOGETHER stands for Together Opportunities Grow Everyone To Help Empower Resiliency. 

Employees are paid a wage of $12/hour and are paid out at the end of their shifts daily. In addition to the hourly wage, an additional $3 per hour is put into escrow toward a housing savings fund. After 100 hours, workers can request the $300 be paid toward any housing expenses, including daily/weekly/monthly motel rentals, past due rent, and utilities, deposits on new utility services or apartment rentals, and/or any other expense that promotes permanent, stable housing.  

Crews walk along roadsides and remove litter and other various illegally dumped materials throughout the city. Priority areas for services are the major east-west corridors: 

  • 24 Hwy. 
  • Truman Rd. 
  • M-78 
  • I-70 
  • 40 Hwy. 
  • 35th Street 
  • 39th Street 

The pilot program runs until September 27, 2023. 

For more information about the program and eligibility, visit our FAQ’s. 

Mayor’s Trash Clean-ups

Mayor Rory Rowland invites the Independence community to join him on the second Saturday of each month, April through October, from 9-11A. Please find the locations that the group will address over the next few months below. Details on meeting spots will be shared as we get closer to each date.


  • April 8 – Rock Creek Trail
  • May 13 – Bess Truman to Mill Creek by Truman Library
  • June 10 – 291 and Truman
  • July 8 – Sterling and 40
  • Aug. 12 – 23rd and Crysler
  • Sept. 9 – Bolger and 39th Street
  • Oct. 14 – 291 and 23rd Street

Please dress appropriately by wearing closed-toe shoes (preferably boots), long pants, long sleeves, sunblock, and bug spray.

Participants are strongly encouraged to watch the MoDOT safety video before participating. You can find it here.

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