Adan Perez

Product Manager


Washington, DC, United States

Members Since 2018

Adan is an expert in taking digital products from zero to one. He provides advice, management, and on-the-ground operations for everything needed to take effect from ideation to launch. He has a proven toolkit of processes and resources that are adapted to meet the needs of a product and organization.


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Project Highlights

Pulse Platform
Acquired 1,500 users in the first launch and UnitedHealth Group purchased the company in October of 2018.

TI People North American Digital Marketing Strategy and Demand Generation
Set up and executed the digital marketing strategy for entering the North American market; sourced 5,000 qualified leads.

Candidate Experience Platform
Defined the vision, created the proof of concept for TI People’s first digital platform, and launched a successful pilot.


Master of Business Administration Degree
University of Maryland

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