Landfills and Transfer Stations In South Bend

Fast Act offers services for Junk Removal In South Bend and knows about the best local landfills in South Bend, Indiana. To best assist the residents of South Bend, we have put together lists of landfills in the local area and other places to take junk to if you are looking to take the junk removal process on yourself. 

As a home or business owner with debris that needs to be dealt with, you can hire a professional junk removal service in South Bend, like Fast Act, or take it to any of these South Bend landfills. If removing debris by yourself becomes a more difficult task than previously thought, contacting Fast Act Junk Removal and Dumpster Service LLC to do all the heavy lifting, loading, and hauling is always an affordable option. When hiring a junk service like us to deal with unwanted clutter, you can rest assured that we even take care of the disposal fees or tip costs at these landfills and transfer stations in the South Bend areas.

Landfills VS Junk Removal In South Bend

Depending on the amount of debris that you need to get rid of, the access to the debris and the volume, it might even be cheaper to hire a South Bend junk removal company than hauling your junk to the dump in a borrowed or rented U-Haul, truck or dump trailer. One thing about Fast Act is that all of our estimates are free of charge so feel free to take a couple minutes out of your day and contact us for a speedy response.  

Pro Junk Removal Services More Affordable Than The Dump

Fast Act Junk Removal trucks are manned by two or three person crew and our teams are ready to assist you with any junk removal task that you need help with. Instead of taking your junk to a South Bend landfill yourself, you can hire us and we use a 2-to-3-person crew that is capable of removing bulk amounts of general junk, trash, construction debris and old furniture from anywhere on your property.  

We also have some of the cheapest rats for removing and disposing of debris in the entire St. Joseph County, Indiana areas. Knowing that $99.00 junk removal is an option, you may be left asking, “how can you get your $99 Junk Removal in South Bend”? The answer is to contact us today via call, text or email.  You also have an option to fill our a quote for, above and we always try to respond to our emailed submission for a quote forms within the hour. 

About Landfills in South Bend, Indiana

There are no county landfills right in the city of South Bend, Indiana but there is a transfer station and recycling center you can use to get rid of junk at an affordable rate. Republic Services Green Tech Transfer & Recycling Facility located at 2500 Green Tech Dr, South Bend, IN 46613, is an option as a junk disposal site in St. Joseph County, Indiana.  

It’s good to know that dumping cost or tip fees will vary from landfill to landfill and furthermore, between landfills and transfer stations. Transfer station are most likely always going to be a more expensive place to disposal of unwanted clutter around the South Bend area because the debris dropped off there has an extra trip yet ahead of it to reach its final resting site.  

Surcharges and Recycling Fees

 In addition to dispose fees for regular debris types, some items like car tires, T.V.’s, appliances with freon in them and some types of electronic waste may have additional recycling fees, or surcharges for proper disposal.  A landfill or a transfer station is a physical place that customers can visit in order to drop off or dump their unwanted waste materials for a cost.  

Why Pick Fast Act Junk Removal?

Up Front Junk Removal Pricing

Up front pricing is one reason that the great people in the South Bend area trust Fast Act.  Once we quote you on junk removal, we stick to it!  We quote junk removal in person with on-site estimates. We can also estimate junk removal cost by receiving photos from our clients and asking a few basic questions.  

Photos can be texted to 269-808-1170.

Fast Junk Removal Service

Junk removal can take some time to do if its you are inexperienced.  We have become very efficient with the junk removal process.  With our tools, knowledge and experience, we offer a cost effective alternative as opposed to DIY junk removal.  We remove tons of junk in the South Bend, Indiana area every year.  Let our junk removal pros take care of you today!

Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to hiring a professional and friendly Junk Removal Service in South Bend, Indiana, look no further. We value our customers and quality workmanship is our number one goal.  We promise to deliver five star service and are always looking to make that next client happy.  Please check out our Facebook and Google reviews to see why we are South Bend, Indiana’s number 1 rated junk removal service.

Options For Landfills in South Bend

Republic Services Green Tech Transfer & Recycling Facility – Located at 2500 Green Tech Dr, South Bend, IN 46613, you can disposal of unwanted material here for a fee. This facility is not considered a landfill but a transfer station. After the debris is properly dealt with after it is dumped here, the material then will be transported to a final resting place under proper disposal practices.  

Dumpster Rental VS Junk Removal VS Landfill Trip

There are a lot of variables that must be accounted for with any debris removal project that goes underway in South Bend, whether its residential home owners handling their unwanted clutter themselves or a junk removal company handling the removal process for them, volume, debris type and access to the debris is a factor. As far as which of the services listed above are more cost efficient, that question really comes down to how the reader values their time.

Does junk removal cost more than a trip to the landfill or renting a dumpster?

In most cases and depending on variables, hauling junk items to the dump yourself will be the most cos-efficient way to get rid of debris yourself in the South Bend area. As long as no liabilities like having to buy a new tire after taking your truck into the landfill or transfer station are factored in, the latter may often be the case.  

Renting a dumpster may be the next best affordable option as long as you don’t factor in Fast Act Junk Removal’s Load and Go Services that are guaranteed to be cheaper than a dumpster rates in the South Bend and surrounding St, Joseph County areas. The load and go requires a designated area for staging debris and it mandates that the debris is easily accessible. This Fast Act service is only good for easily grabbable household or lightweight construction debris.

Fast Act’s Load and Go Service In South Bend, Indiana

For a job to be considered for the Load and Go Service Pricing, the debris must be placed at an easy access point like a garage, curbside or in the driveway where our dedicated load and go service teams can easily back up to the debris to be loaded and hauled. We do all the heavy lifting and loading of the debris from the designated easy access point after backing up to the area. Importantly, this will not be an option for everyone who has debris to get rid of because many folks will have concrete, plaster, shingles, loose trash that needs to be bagged up or Load and Go Service Excluded debris types.  If the debris that is staged for a load and go services does not fit the description of what the service included and meet the load and go service guidelines, new pricing may be established on site in the form of an open quote estimate.  

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