The City contracts with a private company to collect residential garbage and green waste which is collected once per week.

When to Put Out Cans

To ensure that your garbage will be picked up, please put out your cans the night before or no later than 5:30 a.m. on your collection day. Pick-up times may vary. Please remove your container off the street by the end of the day.

Garbage Pickup Schedule

Holiday Scheduling

Exceptions to the pickup schedules include:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas and News Years holidays
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day

Garbage will be picked up the following business day.   If the holiday falls on a weekend day, garbage pickup will follow the normal pickup schedule. 

Garbage Containers

Garbage cans are provided to residential customers by the City. Each garbage can have a serial number that connects it to a specific address. When you move, please do not take your garbage can with you. If you need to add, return, or replace a broken garbage can, please contact us at 801-825-1477, option 2. 

When placing your trash container out for pickup, please follow these important instructions:

  • Do not place the container near parked vehicles. When dumping your container, the driver must have clear access to it.
  • Do not place the container where it will block delivery of your mail.
  • Do not place the following items in your trash container:
    • Construction, remodeling, or demolition debris
    • Hazardous/flammable materials
    • Hot ashes or coals
    • Items greater than four feet in length
    • Large bulky items
    • Large quantities of dirt, sod, grass clippings not bagged
    • Rocks or concrete
  • If you have two or more containers, place them four feet apart.
  • Place your container at curbside, facing the street. Do not place the can on top of the curb.

Changes & Delays in Service

If your garbage was not collected on your collection day, please contact Robinson Waste at 801-825-3800.

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