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Contribute to a business that is helping solve a nationwide landfill capacity crisis. Landfills are being exhausted of remaining capacity and few new ones are opening. Municipal, construction, demolition, and special wastes continue to flow in greater volumes than before.

Reduce the amount of construction and demolition landfill waste entering our landfills. GreenPoint C&D Processing Center, operated by Bahm Demolition Inc, has developed a solution to reduce the capacity of landfills in Topeka and Shawnee counties.

Alleviate landfill stress by bringing new construction, demolition renovation for construction, commercial, industrial, pallet and cabinetry construction, roofing, residential renovation, and demolition wastes to us today.

About Our Company

Trust a local, small business staffed by service-oriented members of the community. We’ve offered great waste management services to the area since 2002.
GreenPoint C&D Processing Center is proud to offer the best possible service experience to anyone who walks through the door.

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GreenPoint C&D Processing Center1405 Southeast MadisonTopeka, KS 66607 dumpsters@greenpointcd.com785-234-6000

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