The Virginia Beach Landfill and Resource Recovery Center offers a range of services following strict environmental standards. Before landfilling your discards forever, consider whether they have value. 

Donate gently used items. Recycle what can be recycled, even beyond what can go in the blue cart. 

If your discards are of no further use, be sure to practice proper disposal, especially with potentially hazardous materials.

Landfill Requirements

Residential vehicles only.

Residential vehicles are defined as those that are privately owned, noncommercial automobiles, pickup trucks, station wagons, passenger vans and minivans. Examples of nonresidential vehicles are those with ladder racks, commercial signage, work equipment, trailers longer than 10 feet, and cargo or panel vans.

Proof of Virginia Beach residency is required. This includes a valid Virginia driver’s license with the resident’s primary Virginia Beach address. Residents without a local driver’s license must produce a utility bill, rent receipt, or check draft (with name on documentation matching picture ID.)​

Due to the potential risk of fire, the landfill restricts trailers from bringing in yard waste. Trailers 10 feet and smaller are permitted. Any trailer that is over 10 feet or has a dump bed will be turned away.

The City reserves the right to refuse landfill access when: there is unsafe weather, lack of storage area, mechanical breakdowns, or if the material is not needed at that time.

Only use the landfill for items that can’t be discarded at the Resource Recovery Center or Recycling Drop-Off. Staff members are available to answer questions about what items can be recycled.

Residents are not allowed on the landfill. They must instead put items in the convenience center containers. Items can’t be left outside the containers, so bring someone to help lift items if needed.

Unacceptable Items

The following items are not accepted at the landfill:

  • All waste materials generated from commercial operations
  • ​Animal carcasses
  • Animal manure
  • Bagged yard debris
  • Boats
  • Commercial tires, agricultural equipment, and industrial tires
  • Oil drums (unless both ends are cut out and rinsed)
  • Dust or severely dust-laden waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Heavy construction and demolition rubble
  • Large quantities of cable, wire rope, and similar materials
  • Large tree trunk stumps and timber over 6 inches in diameter, unless cut to firewood length (18 inches)
  • Loose and bagged leaves
  • Materials containing friable asbestos
  • Medical waste
  • PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • Railroad ties and creosote-treated materials
  • Special waste – including contaminated soil, pesticide containers, sandblasting wastes, sludge, etc.
  • Engine blocks, transmissions, and axles, unless disassembled and drained of free liquids
  • Waste deemed unacceptable by the landfill superintendent or designee or prohibited by the City’s operating permit.

Details-Landfill & Resource Recovery Center

Hours: 7 a.m. -4:30 p.m.​ Tuesday -Saturday


Phone : (757) 385-4650

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