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Disposal of Other Items

Private Vendors- Call for directions, charges, hours etc.

6451 E McNichols (1 block E of Mt Elliott), Detroit, (313) 893-3388.

36600 29 Mile, (E of Gratiot), Lenox Twp., (586) 749-9698.

Macomb County Environmental, (586) 466-7923

Van Dyke Gas, 23823 Sherwood, Centerline, (586) 757-8500
Amerigas, 6654 Cotter, (19 Mile & Mound), Sterling Heights, (586) 731-4400

(Or, consult yellow pages under “Heating & Cooling Companies” or “Refrigerant Recovery”)
Papa’s Refrigeration Service (586) 759-8400

Mother Waddles

Vehicles for Veterans

Unidig, 21600 Quinn Rd., Clinton Twp., (586) 791-4010

Clancy Clean Crush Cement- 29950 Little Mack (N of 12), Roseville, (586) 294-2900
Joe Davis- 25501 Sherwood (N of 10), Warren, (586) 757-3612

S.L.C. Recycling, L.L.C.- 8701 E. Eight Mile Rd, Warren, (586) 759-6600 ext. 228

Shock Brothers Tree Care, 26800 Bunert, Warren (586) 773-6040

City of Warren Recycle Center, 25801 Flanders (S of Frazho, E of Schoenherr), (586) 775-1400

Auto Zone
28401 Groesbeck, Roseville, (586) 777-6665
20777 Gratiot, Eastpointe, (586) 498-9853
30880 Dequindre, Warren, (586) 573-0863
7550 10 Mile, Centerline, (586) 759-8701

When available, wood chips, firewood and compost are free at the recycling center. Bring your own containers. Self-serve.

Guidelines for Curbside Refuse and Compost Collection Refuse

1. Refuse and garbage must be assembled on the grass at the curb by 6:00 a.m., or no earlier than 6:00 p.m. in the evening before your scheduled collection day. Until this time, store refuse and garbage in rear yard.

2. ALL GARBAGE must be stored in the city issued 95-gallon blue trash cart (blue lid) or plastic bags.

3. PAPER BAGS, BUSHEL BASKETS, AND FILLED BOXES will not be collected or emptied. Boxes should be broken down so that the cardboard is flattened and should be tied securely and stacked by the recycle bin at the curbside.

4. Items too large to fit into regular containers such as discarded CARPETS, APPLIANCES, FURNITURE, and MATTRESSES should be set neatly next to the rubbish containers. Carpets/padding must be cut, rolled, and tied securely in four (4) foot lengths. Prior to pickup, refrigerators & freezers must be empty and have the doors removed – the Freon does not have to be removed from them. Air conditioners & dehumidifiers must have the Freon removed prior to pickup by a licensed refrigerant recovery or heating and cooling company (and have a sticker showing proof of it attached to the appliance) before we can pick it up.

5. LATEX PAINT must be dried out or solidified to dispose of. Use cat litter, sand, or hi-dri to absorb the paint. Once paint is solidified, leave the lid off the can and set it out at the curbside with your regular garbage OR bring the solidified paint cans with the lids off to the recycling center.

6. The following items will not be collected curbside by the City of Warren Sanitation Division: DIRT, SOD, BRICKS, ROCKS, TIRES and HAZARDOUS WASTE (OIL, PAINT, BATTERIES, ETC).
Please do not place these items out for collection.


Compost season runs from the first April 1 to December 1. There is no curbside pick up for compost from December 2 to first March 31. Compost is accepted at the Recycling Center year round.

1. Compost must be assembled on the grass at the curb by 6:00 a.m. or no earlier than 6 p.m. on the evening before your scheduled collection day. Until this time, store compost in rear yard. Place compost material five feet from other garbage at curbside.

2. All yard waste (i.e. grass clippings, leaves, garden/flower bed debris & small brush) must be in the blue 95-gallon compost cart (brown lid) OR 30-gallon biodegradable brown paper bags. NO PLASTIC BAGS.

3. TREE BRANCHES & SHRUBS–must be tied securely in small bundles for easy removal. They must be four feet or less in length, under two inches in diameter and light enough for one person to pick up the bundle. Tree trunks and stumps must be brought to the recycle center and be cut to firewood-sized pieces (18 inches in length and under 10 inches in diameter).

4. ROOTS must be cut off shrubs, dirt removed, then place roots with garbage and the cut and bundled shrub with the compost.

5. LOGS, TREE TRUNKS, and TREE STUMPS, will not be collected curbside.

The City of Warren encourages residents to mulch their lawns and leaves to save time, money and labor. Mulching is good for your lawns by returning nutrients from the clippings back onto the lawn, which saves on fertilizing. There is no need for raking, bagging, or purchasing bags.

Guidelines for Recycling

Your recycling bin is designed to make recycling convenient and easy!

Please use a permanent marker to put your address on the bin. Each bin is the property of the City of Warren and should stay with the home if you move.
Bins must be placed at the curb for recycle truck-only pickups.

Recyclable materials must be clean and properly prepared.
On collection day, the bin must be at the curb and five feet away from your other garbage.

When holidays occur during the week, the collection schedule will be one day late. Normal schedules resume the following week.

Observed holidays include: New Year’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day

We will be fading out the red recycling bin by the end of the year. Mayor Fouts would like ONLY condominium residents to use them. Households have the option to recycle using the 95-gallon recycling carts. The carts are available upon request at no charge. Please contact Sanitation at 775-1400 for those.

Additional carts: trash, recycling and compost are $60 available at the Sanitation Department.

Information About Disposal of Waste

City of Warren – Sanitation Division – Recycling Center
25801 Flanders (south of Frazho, between Schoenherr and Groesbeck)
Phone: (586) 775-1400

Hours: Monday- Friday 7:30 a.m.- 4 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.- noon

Saturday hours are subject to change. The following rules will be applied as this yard is not a licensed dump.

Furniture, household refuse, cooking oil, newspapers, mixed paper, phone books, magazines, cardboard, auto batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, electrical wire, computers, electronics, styrofoam, scrap metal, copper, brass, aluminum, appliances, and compost material, and limited amounts of building/construction materials (all materials are judged by the yard personnel.)

Tree stumps, hazardous waste and shingles. ANY QUESTIONABLE MATERIAL WILL BE JUDGED BY THE YARD PERSONNEL as to whether or not it may be dropped off at the Recycling Center. It is the resident’s responsibility to place discarded material into proper containers. No assistance will be available.

All bona fide residents of the City of Warren only with proof of residency (presenting their drivers license). Contractors are not eligible to utilize the sanitation facility to dispose of any material whatsoever.


If you see illegal dumping into a street storm drain, a ditch or a creek
Call Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candice S. Miller’s HOTLINE
at 1-877-679-4337 and report the activity.

What to Recycle and how to Prepare it for Curbside Pickup

Glass Bottles and Jars:
Clean bottles and jars from food and/or drink. No caps. Labels are okay.

NO window glass, mirrors, light bulbs, broken glass, ceramics or pottery.

Tin and Aluminum:
Clean tin and aluminum cans. Labels are okay
Kitchen cookware, metal pots, pans, tins and utensils
Empty aerosol cans. No caps.
Place lids inside cans and crush cans
Aluminum foil, trays, hangers or pie tins

Rinse clean and flatten. Labels are okay. No caps.
Small-neck containers marked “1” or “2” (examples include milk and water jugs, and laundry bottles).
Wide-mouth containers marked “3” through “7,” such as margarine, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc..
Plastic bags (retail and grocery bags).
NO TV trays.
NO motor oil containers.

Place newspapers in brown paper (or plastic) bag, or tie in bundles, and place inside or next to recycling bin.
Newspapers with ALL inserts, magazines, catalogs, telephone books, and brown paper bags

Mixed Papers:
White, colored, computer, stationery and notebook papers.
Advertisement fliers — both glossy and non-glossy.
Cardboard (flattened)
Index cards, post cards, and paper envelopes.
Place all items in brown paper (or plastic) bag, or inside or next to recycling bin.

The following items are NOT picked up at curbside for recycling but MAY be brought to the Recycling Center:
Car batteries, scrap metal, brass, copper, aluminum, electrical wire, computers, electronics and styrofoam containers and packaging.

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