oad Requirements

All incoming loads must be adequately covered regardless of content to prevent any scattering of waste. The tipping fee rate for loads not adequately covered is doubled.

Tipping fees may be paid using cash, check, and Visa or MasterCard. Customers that want to charge fees must first contact the Finance Department at 605-882-6200, ext. 3513 to set up a charge account.





Monday – Saturday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Sundays & Holidays, Closed

Curbside Collection

An automated truck empties all of the containers. Lids should be closed and the handle must face towards the house. Obstacles in the way will not allow the arm to reach the container for dumping. Do not place the container close to any obstructions such as vehicles, mailboxes, or another container.

The blue and tan 95 gallon containers are the property of the City of Watertown and must remain at the address that receives them. If you move, do not take the containers with you.

Residents must place all of their garbage IN the container. No refuse should protrude above the top of the container or be left on the ground around the container. Workers will only collect garbage in the container. Do not overfill or pack your container because items can become lodged and not empty when dumped. We recommend that garbage be placed in sealed plastic bags before being placed in the container to reduce odors, litter and keep insects away.

The Watertown Sanitation Department urges residents to place their trash out the night before their collection day to avoid missing the truck. Collection routes begin at 5 a.m. and, although trucks usually come at a similar time each week, there is no set time when they will cover a certain area of town. Trucks are not rerouted to pick up containers set out late. Ordinance 11:0404 – b.4. states: All solid waste material containers placed on the alley or boulevard shall be removed on the same day of collection.


If a holiday occurs or is observed on your collection day, we will not collect your garbage, yard waste, or recycling material on that day. On a Monday holiday, your materials will be collected on Friday of the previous week. On a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday holiday, your materials will be collected on Friday of the same week.

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