Where are the landfills in Delaware?

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority operates three landfills in the state of Delaware. There is a landfill located in each of the three counties. The Cherry Island Landfill at 1706 E. 12th Street in Wilmington, the Sandtown Landfill at 1107 Willow Grove Road in Felton, and the Jones Crossroads Landfill at 28560 Landfill Lane on Rt. 20 between Millsboro and Seaford.

What are the hours of the landfill?

The Cherry Island Landfill is open 7am-5pm Monday-Friday and 7am-3pm on Saturday. The Sandtown and Jones Crossroads Landfills are open 7am-5pm Monday-Saturday.

How much does it cost to bring waste to the landfill?

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What happens to waste once I bring it to the landfill?

Once garbage is brought to a DSWA landfill, it stays at the landfill. DSWA does not send garbage out of state.

Do I need a permit to bring waste to the landfill?

No, DSWA landfills are available for use by all Delaware residents.

I have tires. Can they be disposed of at the landfill?

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I have an old lawn mower. Can it be disposed of at the landfill?

Yes, items such as lawn mowers, boats, etc. may be brought to the landfills. All liquids such as gas, oil, etc. must be removed before it is brought to the landfill. Items must fit across the 10×60’ scale.

What preparations do I need to make for refrigerators or air conditioners before I bring them to the landfill?

Be sure to dispose of any food waste in a refrigerator. DSWA arranges for freon to be taken out of refrigerators and air conditioners after they are brought to the landfill, therefore you do NOT need to remove the freon before you bring it to the landfill. Please come prepared to unload these items yourself.

If I have recyclables mixed in with my garbage, will they be separated?

If items such as plastics, paper, and cans are mixed with garbage, they will not be separated from the garbage. This mixture will be placed into the landfill. DSWA does operate recycling Drop-Off Centers which are available to all Delaware residents. The Sandtown and Jones Crossroads Landfills have recycling Drop-Off Centers located at the facility. For information on these programs, call the Citizens’ Response Line at 1-800-404-7080.

I have large items I cannot bring myself. Do you offer a pick-up service?

DSWA does not offer a pick-up service for bulky items. Contact your trash hauler to see if you can arrange a special pick-up.

Why do I have to pay to get rid of things at the landfill?

DSWA is not a state agency and therefore does not receive any tax dollars. The “tipping” fees DSWA charges are its largest source of income.

Can I bring waste to the landfill in a car?

Cars are welcome at the landfill. DSWA provides a small load drop-off area for those in smaller vehicles separate from larger vehicles. The small load drop-off area was designed to provide a safe and easy way to dispose of garbage away from the working face of the landfill.

I have asbestos to dispose of. Is it accepted at the landfill?

DSWA does accept asbestos at all three DSWA landfills. Non-friable asbestos such as shingles and siding can be brought to ALL DSWA landfills under certain packaging requirements and by appointment only. Friable asbestos is only accepted at the Cherry Island Landfill, again by appointment ONLY. Please contact the Citizens’ Response Line at 1-800-404-7080 for more information on disposing of asbestos.

My question is not one of those provided. Who can I contact?

You can call the Delaware Solid Waste Authority Citizens’ Response Line at 1-800-404-7080 to receive more information.

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