Yonkers Recycling Center

735 Saw Mill River Road

(914) 377-6752

Open Monday – Saturday 7:30 am – 4:15 pm (closed holidays)

The Recycling Center accepts and disposes of all recyclable materials. The Division is also responsible for all roll-off container service to multi-family dwellings, as well as coordinating the recycling activities of those dwellings, in accord with State recycling mandates.

Recycling Center Regulations

  • City residents are allowed to dispose of two loads per week (but limited to one per day) from a noncommercial vehicle, pick up or automobile. (No commercial vehicles or rented vehicles are allowed at any time. Use is restricted to buildings of six (6) families and under only. 
  • Any vehicle appearing to be a contractor’s work vehicle, indicated by roof racks, tool bins, contractor tools and uniforms, etc. or has debris considered to be commercial will not be permitted to use the facility. 
  • Proof of residence with corresponding license and registration of vehicle being used must be presented upon request of the attendant. NO apartment building addresses allowed. 
  • No trailers allowed. 
  • No walking in of waste allowed. 
  • Any exceptions to these rules can only be determined by the Refuse Disposal Manager. 
  • No tipping or attempting to tip the Recycling Center employees.
  • City residents are permitted to dispose of tires at the Recycling Center for $5.00 per tire. (EXCLUDING Rims)


  • All recycle materials must be separated by category (metal, bottles, cans, cardboard and paper) and placed in the appropriate collection container or placed wherever designated by attendant.
  • No toxic paint, tar cans or hazardous waste is permitted.
  • No oil or grease permitted. 
  • No gas cylinders. (Empty Propane Barbecue Tanks are accepted) 
  • Recycle your old electronic equipment.
  • Recycle material must be loose and not in plastic bags. 
  • No roofing materials allowed. 
  • Raw garbage is not permitted. 
  • No Construction and demolition debris is permitted. 

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